Since the start of Covesmore Solutions, Dave Powles has been a part of our team.

Prior to this, Powles chose to complete work experience at Parker Furniture in Seven Hills, which was still fairly new at the time. Four training areas—upholstery, wood yard, cabinet making, and french polishing—were covered during the week. Bill Jones, the plant manager, asked Powles if he was interested in applying for an upholstery apprenticeship after his week of work experience at Parker Furniture.

In January 1978, Powles started as a first-year apprentice in upholstery. He was a small fish in a very large pond, with much to learn and a promising future. It felt like a small town, despite the factory employing up to 300 people. It was a family-owned business, so it felt like family, said Powles.

The craft had been learned and honed for more than ten years. Powles left after 15 years in order to expand his experience and came back after 4 years. Powles remained until Parker Furniture’s closure in 1997.

Over the course of 4 years, Powles primarily engaged in the task of fabric cutting, which gradually resulted in him taking on the responsibility of managing this section.

Following the shutdown of Parker Furniture, Powles went on to establish and manage his own business while simultaneously assisting some of his former Parker colleagues with their furniture restoration venture on a part-time basis. His dedication helped him secure a full-time position at the same venture.

Powles also began educating and distributing his extensive knowledge through assisting with initiatives at the nearby community college. He continues instructing in the present and has developed lasting friendships along the way.

Powles is constantly augmenting his depth of understanding and acquiring novel insights to refine his mastery of the craft, which he generously imparts to his peers.

“The best things about working for Parker furniture was the good quality of furniture, their reputation, and how they take pride in each piece of furniture they restore,” said Powles.



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