Parker Furniture

Discover the distinct styles of Parker Furniture within our exclusive Parker Furniture collection. Alongside, explore additional premium brands, each restored to perfection by the Ex Parker PeopleTM


Parker Furniture Collection

Our Parker Furniture Collection includes a variety of iconic Parker Dining Table and Parker Dining Chair. Each Item reflects our commitment to reviving and restoring Parker Furniture, preserving its legacy. Whether you are looking for a dining table that serves as the centerpiece of your dining room or a set of chairs that offer both comfort and elegance, our restored Parker Furniture pieces will elevate any space. Explore our collection to find meticulously restored items by our craftsmen at Covesmore Solutions to honor the original design while enhancing their functionality and beauty.

If you own a piece of Parker Furniture that needs repairs or restoration, contact us today to discuss your project and learn more about our expert parker furniture restoration sydney services.

Parker Dining Table

Our Parker Dining Tables are crafted from Australian timbers, American walnut, and teak. Discover a comprehensive range from extendable designs to authentic vintage dining tables. These high-end furniture pieces bring natural beauty and sophistication to your dining space, more importantly they are perfect for any dining occasion.

Parker Dining Chair

Our Parker Dining Chairs feature some iconic mid-century design. Each chair has been restored to the Parker standard to maintain their original charm. The use of high-quality materials ensures their durability. The Parker Chair is perfect for modern and traditional dining spaces. Explore our unique range of Parker Chairs.

 You can choose your own covering whether it be fabric, vinyl or leather.
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