We are Covesmore Solutions

About Us

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and live by our motto: Experience, Expertise and Excellence.

We are Covesmore Solutions


Covesmore Solutions provides a restoration & refurbishment services for furniture brands such as Parker Furniture, Chiswell, Fler, Van Treight, Tessa, Jackson, Burgess, Ingmar Relling, Danish Deluxe and many more.

Our restoration & refurbishment services range from re-upholstery, repair, re-polishing, French polishing, re-painting to supplying & installing new webbing straps, reglueing of joints or broken wooden parts and even producing new parts such as new chair legs. Your furniture will be refurbished and restored with passion and professionalism.

We work as a team ensuring the quality of our work ,efficiency of our service and customer satisfaction are very important for us.

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